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Newsletter "Energy Saving Solutions"

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Energy Saving Solutions

Insulating Window Panels

An insulating window panel or pop-in shutter typically consists of a core of rigid foam insulation. You can push or clip it into the interior of a window. The panels are made so that their edges seal tightly against the window frame. Seals can be made from magnetic tape or Velcro. No hardware, such as hinges or latches, is required.
Insulating window panels have R-values between 3.8 and 7. They are also fairly inexpensive, whether you buy a kit or make your own, but you will need space to store them when they're not in use.

Sing Insulated Window Panels:

High insulation—-Patented Sing Honeycomb insulated panes have triple insulation layers. It has urethane foam as core material which is highest R value for insulation R-6.5 per inch (App. 5 times more insulation value than window glass per inch)

Easy to install and remove

High Strength—The Strongest Lightweight affordable insulated panel ever made

Economical — It costs very little compared to the money you save in heating cost.


New Sing Wide plank flooring for insulation on your existing floor, and concrete floors

Our Vertical Grain Wide-plank Panel Floor is an insulated 4ft x 8ft x 2 1/4 inch thick floor with patented urethane honeycomb core, sandwiched between plywood or solid wood for strength and dimensional stability.

  • Does Not Require Sub-floor - Sing Flooring is sub-floor and finish floor in one. Just fasten Sing Flooring to the floor joists like sub-floor.
  • Dimensionally Stable - Sing Flooring is manufactured from laminating quarter-sawn (vertical grain) solid wood strips...
  • Water Resistant - Unlike any other solid or engineered wood flooring, Sing Flooring offers unparalleled water resistance...
  • Healthy & Sustainable - No formaldehyde or other toxic chemicals are used during Sing Flooring's manufacturing....
  • Quiet & Warm - Sing Flooring is comfortable to walk on 
  • Install Anywhere - Sing Flooring is versatile due to its strength, dimensional stability and water resistance...




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