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Newly invented Sing honeycomb core is stronger than aluminum honeycomb core at the cost of paper honeycomb core.

This is a very important invention of structural material which can benefit many industries, such as wood working, furniture making, home building, boat building, trade show display, and especially door manufacturing.

Before the invention of Sing wood veneer honeycomb, honeycomb materials like aluminum honeycomb were too expensive or too weak like paper honeycomb. Sing honeycomb offers the strength of aluminum honeycomb at the price of paper honeycomb. Price and Strength are two major factors why using Sing wood veneer honeycomb is changing how doors are made.

Doors filled with Sing honeycomb are the strongest, lightweight, dimensionally stable doors which are highly insulated, and have excellent sound deadening properties. Best of all, the core is structured with environmentally friendly vertical grain wood veneer.

Please watch this video of a 12 foot carriage door being made; we can even make 16 ft. doors perfectly flat and straight. Our 16ft door cores can stand freely on their edge.

Check out our website. The price is right on our materials. Also our glue is 0% Formaldehyde to meet California’s new regulations.



PO Box 1691 McCleary WA, 98557 Phone: 360-495-3577 Fax: 360-495-4585