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Newsletter January 5, 2008

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Sing Lightweight Planks

You will agree that expensive solid wood planks are not the best choice after you learn about the newly invented, Sing Honeycomb lightweight wood planks. One of our standard size honeycomb wood planks is 1 3/4 " x 9.5 " thick, other thicknesses and widths are available. They can be edge glued to any width and butt joint to any length without having to be planed. It can also be sanded just like solid wood.
No solid wood plank can be edge glued and butt joint to make a straight and flat panel without having to be planed. Sing planks can be extended to any length and width seamlessly.

Using this method you can create a lightweight high strength door, conference table, partition wall, or floor panel. Pound for pound they are stronger, lighter and more flat than steel and solid wood. They are essentially torsion boxes that have a true flat surface which can be used as a precision working table. We use a similar method to make our large 16 foot presses.

Any type of surface wood can be applied to the planks such as cherry, birch, maple, fir, pine, cedar, plastic, aluminum, fiberglass and stainless steel etc....
Please check our website for more information on the low cost high precision planks

PO Box 1691 McCleary WA, 98557 Phone: 360-495-3577 Fax: 360-495-4585