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Happy New Year!!
From inventor --Peter Sing

You have probably heard about lightweight panels, sandwich panels and honeycomb panels, but never have used it in your products before. It is has either cost too much such as aluminum honeycomb or was not strong enough like paper honeycomb or too difficult to work with.

Newly invented lightweight panels and beams made of Sing honeycomb are more affordable, stronger, lighter and easy to work with using traditional woodworking tools.  This will help many different industries to improve the quality of their products, increase the strength, and reduce the weight.

In the year 2009 the invention of Sing Honeycomb core is changing how things are made in the trade show display, wood working, furniture, door, boat building and home building industries. Sing Honeycomb core is stronger than aluminum honeycomb core at a price close to paper honeycomb core, and is more earth friendly than any lightweight core on the market. Guaranteed!

Please click here to see the endless applications. 

Thank you!

Peter Sing


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