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See us at the Tacoma Home Show

Sing Log Homes is building a very unique home design for the Tacoma Home Show.

The home design will be based off the native Indian Long House design. The Long house is not a new concept. Native Americans used this design for their community for thousands of years, because of its open floor plan. The home is meant to be easy to build and made of earth friendly materials.
The concept is a new style of housing where the home can change with the size of the family. Your living area can be expanded in minutes by adding our mini park model structures to the central living area. The mini park models can be used for additional bedrooms, bathrooms or kitchen.

The advantage of this revolutionary concept is that it is very affordable, easy to build, earth friendly, simple, and functional.

The Long house design is ideal for a family retreat, or co-housing.

The entire show home is built with the newly invented honeycomb panels, posts and beams, and honeycomb logs invented by Peter Sing who holds more than 35 patents. There are more than a dozen of the patents used to create this new leading edge home. This home presents all the major building techniques.
The home will have a new type of radiant heating system that is low cost, clean, quiet, and functional. The method is very simple, come see how we make a radiant heat floor by using Sing honeycomb panels as a raised floor than pump the hot air in between the Sing honeycomb floor and sub floor.

All the furniture will also be made of Sing honeycomb panels. Some of the furniture will include a desk, dining table, outdoor concrete bench and concrete table.

The aluminum honeycomb structure is a strong lightweight material mostly used in aviation industry. This material takes a lot of energy to produce and is very costly. Honeycomb made of paper is the least expensive honeycomb material but it lacks strength and loses its strength when it comes in contact with moisture. Sing wood veneer honeycomb is stronger than aluminum honeycomb at a cost close to paper honeycomb. It is the strongest, lightweight, low cost and earth friendly building material. Best of all the wood veneer is made of 100% virgin wood fiber and can be recycled to make paper.




PO Box 1691 McCleary WA, 98557 Phone: 360-495-3577 Fax: 360-495-4585