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1)   New Years Special!

For as little as a $100.00 deposit, you can start to own your dream Sing home with this special holiday layaway offer. Free design of your dream Sing Home included. The easiest way to build insulated, earth friendly fine home.

A Sing Home is a gift for life that you can pass on to your children.
Patented Sing home is the easiest way to build the strongest energy efficient home in the USA
One person can build an entire Sing Log wall system
 Sing floor panel is the strongest insulated, quiet floor in USA
We have a designer that can help you with your home plans and a bank to help you finance your dream home.

2)  Why now is the best time to build a Sing Home for yourself or s spec Sing home for resale.

There is other new Sing home building components as well click here to see.  Join the Sing home family to ensure you have easy to install high quality materials which require less labor costs such as; Sing standard panels which are pre finished insulated floor panels. click here to see picture how to install Sing panel floor.

A) Supply & Demand
There are a lot of homes on the market nationwide but if you look for quality built homes, then you will have a tough time finding one. The homes built in recent years are built to meet the minimum code requirements. A half inch thick wall will pass code requirements such as T1-11. The majority of floors in American homes are made of 3/4 in thick OSB. Sing floor is 2 ¼” thick panels packed with insulation and sound deadening foam. Many local building departments inspecting Sing homes are shocked at how strong Sing homes are built. Please click here to see how to build a Sing home.

B) Sing Log homes are a stack and build method that has more insulation than log homes, SIP’s, and 2” x 6” frame homes and is easy to build. You will find out easily by clicking here to see the comparison. Sing Home cross section is obviously stronger, more energy efficient. Sing home’s urethane insulation is almost double the R value of SIP home which uses EPS as insulation material.  Actually Sing honeycomb panel is almost identical to any SIP except Sing panels use almost 10 times more clean wood fiber instead of compressed wood chip OSB panel. Patented Sing honeycomb log or panel homes are much stronger than SIP homes.

C) Our Sing honeycomb products are the best invention of lightweight, high strength materials at low cost. Click here to see other Sing honeycomb building systems and products.  Sing honeycomb system is the best for hurricane, and earthquake regions as well as hot desert climates or cold climates such as Alaska.

3)  Special of the month

The strongest lightweight insulated tiny house in USA (insulation in the floor and roof)

Size 8 ft wide x 14 ft in length x 11 ft tall starting price $5,900.00 click here to see other types of tiny houses that are double the weight of Sing Tiny houses. This Invention can make a difference for quality and price this also applies to Sing Home versus other types of home building systems. We are the best no matter how small or big. Sing tiny house is as good as we claim at a much less price but constructed with better materials. All double plywood with 2 1/2 in thick insulated floor and roof structure. It can be wired, fitted with a telephone line, internet connection, and plumbed. You may use it as home office, artist work shop, summer house, music room, bar, utility shed, playroom for your children, and espresso stand. It can also be furnished with a bathroom and kitchen. Sing tiny house can be an addition to your current house without having to do a major remodel. Please check with local building department about the permit requirements.

PO Box 1691 McCleary WA, 98557 Phone: 360-495-3577 Fax: 360-495-4585